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– Open to all New Jersey Bail Agents. Find out what a strong united association can do for you and what you can do for Bail Agents.

It is time for us to unite and address issues that are of major importance to our industry and to the safety of the public!

New Jersey County has a great number of bail bond agents with highest integrity and ethical standards.  But, there are some who cooperate with a few corrupt public servants to strip business away from legitimate bail agencies.  We want to hold those public servants accountable and stop unethical business practices.

Pre-trial Release services need to be held accountable also.  The new “Citizen’s Right to Know” law in Florida calls for Pre-Trial Release services to make public their performance data.  We believe this information is vital to public safety and our industry. Unless we insist on the release of that information under the new law, we will not likely see it!

We must come together to take action, like our neighbors in Broward who successfully convinced the County Commission to curtail Pre-Trial Release for non-indigent defendants.

Please join today, get involved and help New Jersey have the best bail bond services in the country!