About Us

The New Jersey Bail Association is an association that represents your interests.

As bail agents in New Jersey we share many of the same concerns, challenges and interests.

We need leaders – agents who can set aside individual differences and work towards the betterment of this profession we love.

We need to speak out with one unified voice in opposition to the forces that are committed to the elimination of our industry.

Our effectiveness is directly proportional to the number of members we have who are willing to work together.

If we don’t do something we will slowly go out of business.

Working together, to make a difference.

The New Jersey Bail Association:

  • Promotes cooperation among New Jersey bail bond agents.
  • Promotes cooperation and better working conditions with New Jersey Corrections;
  • Works for more efficient policies and procedures with the Clerk’s office;
  • Keeps the membership abreast of information pertaining to the industry;
  • Lobbies for legislation and local ordinances that will positively impact the profession of writing bail;
  • Supports the concept and practice of a private bail system which saves taxpayer money through reducing jail population;
  • Promotes further savings of tax dollars by placing the cost of operating the bail bond system on the user of the system, the defendant, rather than relying on a publicly-funded pre-trial release program.